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With 21 Aesthetics' Scalp Stimulator Treatment at $98.

A medical grade laser procedure for the scalp administered by medical doctors. Designed to treat common hair thinning and hair loss concerns faced by both males and females.

The Ideal Approach to Tackling Hair Loss

Revitalize dormant hair follicles with 21 Aesthetics' Scalp Stimulator Treatment, utilizing laser energy to trigger cellular wake-up signals and promote natural hair growth. Controlled scalp heating stimulates follicles without harm, enhancing blood circulation for renewed growth.

Treatment is quick and fuss free. No recovery time needed, you can resume regular activity after the session.

Above: Laser energy is used to send wake up signals to dormant follicles stimulating cell regeneration and fostering natural hair regrowth

Key Treatment Benefits:

1️⃣ Promote natural hair growth

2️⃣ Reactivate dormant hair follicles

3️⃣ Significantly improve Scalp Blood Flow & Metabolism

4️⃣ Increase hair density and thickness

5️⃣ Prevention of further hair loss

The treatment triggers a biological response in the scalp's underlying layers, boosting the body's natural collagen production for improved tissue healing. It also aids in the regeneration of healthy tissue, promoting the replacement and repair of damaged hair follicles. After treatment, the scalp benefits from a significant increase in nutrient supply, fostering the ongoing process of normal hair growth.

Clinically proven with long lasting results.

Non-invasive & safe.  Performed by a medical doctor.

Safe for all hair types & skin tones.

Scalp Stimulator VS Hair Transplants

The Scalp Stimulator Treatment emerges as a favoured substitute for surgical hair transplants due to its non-invasive nature and no post treatment downtime. Employing a gentle yet effective approach, it facilitates natural hair growth and fosters follicle regeneration, offering a promising solution for hair thinning and hair loss concerns.

Scalp Stimulator Treatment

A preferred alternative to surgical hair transplants.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Long Lasting Effects
  • Natural Hair Regrowth

Targeted Scalp & Hair Concerns

Targeted to treat these hair & scalp concerns:

Hair Loss

Receding Hairline

Bald Spots

Thinning Crown


Take control, restore your scalp's vitality.

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Clinical Studies Show

In a blind evaluation study conducted in New York USA in 2021, 93% of users indicated improvement in hair quality after undergoing laser treatment to stimulate hair growth.*(Dr. m Doris Day M.D.P.C)

The use of the Er:YAG Laser was shown to:
-Promote natural hair growth
-Work with exponential efficiency over time
-All with No downtime to patients

*Study and evaluation were conducted on 16 users (7 males, 9 females) with various stages androgenetic alopecia (AGA) hair loss across the period of 12 months and consistent monthly treatment.

Source: Source: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology - U.S.A DOI:10.1111/jocd.14370



Steps to thicker, healthier hair.


Assessment and consultation by our doctor, where we seek to understand the underlying hair/scalp issue.



Treatment area is assessed and scalp treatment procedure is explained to you.



Quick scalp cleansing prior to administering the treatment.

Scalp Stimulator Treatment Laser is administered by the doctor.


Thorough cleansing of scalp & hair post treatment.

Application of post-treatment tonic with a relaxing head massage.


Post treatment consultation with a consultant with post-treatment care instructions.

21 Aesthetics- The Skin & Scalp Specialists

With a professional and dedicated team, 21 Medical Aesthetics aims to deliver  effective specialised treatments addressing skin and scalp concerns. Driven by a team of medical professionals and skilled consultants, we foster a welcoming environment that takes pride in crafting tailored, personalised solutions, with the client’s comfort and individual needs as top priorities.

Experience quick and fuss-free, transformative results through our personalised treatments and embrace newfound confidence and vitality as our expertise bestows youthful exuberance, bringing you back to rediscovering your youth again.


No one-treatment fits all policies. 

1-to-1 detailed consultation to tailor treatments that fit each unique skin type to ensure your skin concerns and objectives are met.

Effectiveness &

Each tailored course of treatment(s) are confidently backed by science, real results, and substantiated claims.

We work with the intent to deliver results in the quickest possible time.

360° Treatment

We treat symptoms and the root cause of skin concerns. Every treatment journey is unique and our team of dedicated aestheticians will be with you at every stage of the transformation.

Commonly Asked Questions

It is a non surgical/invasive with no downtime treatment effective in stimulating natural hair growth in both men and women.

A low-level laser beam is being administered directly to the scalp to aid the stimulation of hair follicles directly from the root. The medical-grade lasers used can aid to irradiate photons into the scalp to help weak cells stimulate hair growth. This innovative solution is focused on stimulation dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth.

The method of action lies in the patented technology that emits pulses that gently deliver laser light to the tissue, triggering the scalp in a safe and controlled way. The machine we used for the treatment operates at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength (2.94 μm) that coincides with the maximal absorption in the skin.

The unique patented feature has the ability to act in a non-ablative manner, producing precisely engineered mild thermal pulses. This ensures that the laser light is delivered to the tissue gently and efficiently, heating the scalp in a safe and controlled pulsed way. The overall effect is a gentle heating of the skin and the production of growth factors, without any significant ablation of the epidermis.

Our Scalp Stimulator Treatment can help a range of hair concerns from androgenic alopecia, the most common type of hair loss or other forms of hair loss such as hormone-related to pregnancy-related causes. It can also help even more rare causes of hair loss such as autoimmune hair loss.

You will be given a detailed pre-treatment consultation to determine the targeted area. You might experience a warming sensation caused by the emission of the laser with mild thermal pulses. In turn, this reaction encourages blood circulation in latent hair follicles to reduce inflammation in the hair follicle and support hair regrowth. It is normal to experience tingling sensation which will usually dissipate after the first couple of hours.

There is little to no downtime associated with laser scalp treatment. You can return to normal activity immediately after the session. It is normal to experience mild tingling sensation on the scalp however this will usually dissipate within the next couple of hours. It is also advise to refrain from any vigorous activity and prolonged exposure under the sun for the first 24 hours.  After undergoing the process, it is advisable to refrain from taking a shower until the morning following your treatment.

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